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Best Budget Stand Mixer UK Under £100 — Top 12 Picks

A high-quality stand mixer is a necessary kitchen appliance. But most mixers are quite expensive so we have taken a look at the best budget cheap food mixers.

Thankfully, some decent options on the market still offer quality performance and reliable usage.

If you’ve been searching for the best budget mixer, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve provided a detailed list explaining the top 12 best stand mixers under £100.

Best Budget Stand Mixer UK Under £100

In each section, we’ll dive into the mixer’s features, efficiency, and performance. These cheap food mixers are available in the UK but just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they are missing features that some of the more well known brands have.


Aucma 1400W Stand Mixer

  • All attachments are easy to use and clean
  • High power performance
  • Less noisy compared to most mixers
  • Most expensive option on the list

Built with a 7L stainless steel bowl, this tilt-head mixer meets all your cooking and baking needs. The Aucma Stand Mixer features high 1400W performance power, which quickly whips up any recipe. The mixer includes a see-through splash guard with a chute, so you can deposit ingredients as the mixer operates and avoid making a mess.

The bowl is easily removable, and the mixers come in four different colors: red, black, silver, and champagne.


  • Includes three essential attachments: the dough hook for kneading, whisk for whisking cake mixtures, creams and butter, and the mixing beater for beating eggs
  • Features an LED light which indicates the power
  • 1400 watts motor power
  • Tilt-head design
  • Six optimized speeds with pulse functionality
  • Includes anti-slip technology, so your mixer stays in place while operating

Note: The Aucma was under £100 when we initially did the review however it has crept up to £120, which we still think is a good deal but if this is a deal breaker, the amazon basics mixer is one of the cheapest mixers in the UK at £56!


Amazon Basics Stand Mixer

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy composition
  • Easy to clean
  • Attachments don’t reach the base of the bowl, so you may need to use a spatula to help combine ingredients fully

The Amazon Basics Stand Mixer remains one of the best budget mixers available on Amazon. With a powerful 800 watt motor and 7-speed electronic control, this stand mixer lets you whip up ingredients in no time.

The 4.5L stainless steel bowl includes a see-through plastic splash guard, which allows you to add your ingredients as the machine operates — and completely mess-free.


  • Includes three attachments: dough hook, whisk, and egg beater
  • Seven-speed settings
  • Non-slip feet attachments
  • 4.5L stainless steel bowl
  • Headlock lift

NETTA Stand Mixer 600W Food Mixer

  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It may be a bit noisy while operating

This 600W stand mixer with a tilt-head offers the ideal features and accessories for every cooking enthusiast. It’s both powerful and versatile, featuring seven adjustable speed settings, allowing chefs to create the perfect consistency.

The 5L stainless steel mixing bowl holds both small and large recipes. The mixer also includes a splash guard to prevent any messy splashes, drips, or spills.


  • Stainless steel and silicone mixer
  • Large 5L mixing bowl
  • Seven-speed settings
  • Splash guard
  • Anti-slip suction cup feet
  • Includes spatula
  • Three attachments: beater, whisk, dough hook
  • 600-watt motor power

VonShef Black Stand Food Mixer

  • Great value
  • Includes recipe book to follow as you prepare food
  • Stylish
  • Not as fast

Praised by reviewers for its versatility, the VonShef Stand Mixer features eight-speed settings and pulse functionality — so you can create the perfect recipe.

The VonShef Mixer includes orbital mixing technology, where the motorhead rotates in the opposite direction as the attachment to ensure all the ingredients are perfectly combined. The mixer comes in three different colors (black, red, and cream), so you can choose the best one that suits your kitchen.


  • 1400 watt motor power
  • Eight-speed settings
  • 5L stainless steel mixing bowl
  • Includes three standard attachments: dough hook, whisk, and beater
  • Tilt-head design
  • Rubber feet for anti-slip

Tower T12033RG 3-in-1 Stand Mixer

  • It comes with a three-year warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Although the description safe the mixer is dishwasher safe, reviewers warn against cleaning in the dishwasher.

The Tower Stand Mixer features orbital mixing action and six-speed settings, including pulse functionality.

With three baking accessories — dough hook, beater, and balloon whisk — this mixer completes a wide array of baking tasks. The stainless steel bowl, which is also dishwasher safe, provides enough space to suit more significant recipes.

The transparent splash guard also helps prevent messes or spills, making for an easy clean-up process.


  • 5L large stainless steel bowl
  • Six-speed settings with pulse action
  • Three baking attachments: dough hook, beater, whisk
  • Splash guard
  • Versatile baking

Venga! VG M 3014 Mixer

  • Multiple accessories
  • Low noise level!
  • It works as a starter mixer but doesn’t have a long lifespan

The Venga! Mixer is a versatile kitchen accessory, so whether you’re stirring, mixing, beating, or folding, this mixer does it all.

The mixer features innovative orbital mixing to ensure every ingredient is perfectly combined. It also includes six mixing speeds and multiple accessories.


  • Included accessories: dough hook, beater, stirring element, spatula, stainless steel mixing bowl, operating instructions
  • 1000 watt motor
  • 5L stainless steel mixing bowl
  • Splash guard
  • Six-speed settings

KUPPET Stand Mixer

  • Low noise level
  • Lightweight body
  • Mixer blade may not track bottom of bowl

The KUPPET Stand Mixer is an excellent product with 8 convenient speeds and a variety of functions.

The pulse option can reach the highest speed in one second. It has a 1000W power motor and a solid ABS shell. Overall, it is quieter than other stand mixers due to its stable body and non-slip silicone suction cup feet.


  • 4.5L stainless steel bowl
  • 8 speeds and additional pulse option
  • Speed knob with LED light
  • Anti-slip rubber feet

AICOK Stand & Hand Mixer

  • Great price value
  • 2-in-1 function
  • Does not beat around the edge of the bowl

This versatile mixer from AICOK has a 2-in-1 function. It can be used as a stand mixer, or you can detach the mixer from its stand to use it by hand.

There are 5 speeds for this mixer, including turbo speed. It has a powerful 300W motor and comes with 2 beaters and 2 dough hooks. The dishwasher-safe accessories are more corrosion-resistant and safer to use than chrome accessories.


  • 2-in-1 standing or handheld mixer
  • 5 different speeds and turbo function
  • 3.5L stainless steel bowl
  • 300W powerful motor

Nestling 5L Stand Mixer

  • Quieter motor at less than 80 decibels
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Metal trim may come loose quickly

This 5-speed adjustable electric mixer from Nestling is perfect for high-intensity operations. The vertical mixer includes a variety of accessories to make your cooking easier.

The inclined head design allows a 360˚rotating stirring function and makes it easy to remove or install accessories. This product comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring satisfactory quality.


  • 1200W powerful motor
  • 5 speed settings
  • 360˚rotating stereo stirring design
  • 5L stainless steel mixing bowl
  • 5 silicone non-slip feet

Neo Food Baking Electric Stand Mixer

  • 6 different speeds, including a pulse option
  • User-friendly
  • Mixing blade does not reach the bottom of the bowl

The Neo Food Baking Electric Stand Mixer comes with a powerful 800W motor to meet most of your mixing needs.

There are 6 different speeds and a pulse option. This lightweight product also comes in a variety of colours for you to choose from to suit your kitchen.


  • Powerful 800W motor
  • 5L stainless steel bowl with guard
  • 6 speeds with pulse option

Greemosi Stand Mixer

  • Base rotates automatically
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Bowl is smaller than others

This 2-in-1 mixer from Greemosi can be used as a stand mixer or be removed from the base to use by hand. There are 5 speeds that you can use to mix ingredients in the 4-quart stainless steel bowl. The tilt-up head design makes it easy to install the bowl and accessories.

The base rotates automatically to completely mix your ingredients. It comes at a great price value and is a sturdy and reliable product at a lower cost.


  • 2-in-1 mixer
  • 5 speed options
  • 500W motor
  • 4-quart stainless steel bowl

Duronic SM104 Stand Mixer

  • Compact size
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be very noisy

This stand mixer has a sleek look that will match any kitchen counter. The powerful 1000W motor is efficient in mixing, while the air vents on the mixer’s body keep it from overheating.

The safety lock keeps the 4L bowl in place. The compact design is a great alternative to bulkier mixers that take up too much space.


  • 1000W motor
  • 6 speed options with a pulse setting
  • LED power light
  • 4 non-slip feet
  • 4L stainless steel mixing bowl with a splash guard

Buying Guide — Which Stand Mixer is Best?

Stand mixers are a necessary tool for every kitchen, and while all the above options make great budget stand mixers, we think the Aucma 1400W Stand Mixer is at the top. If you’re happy to spend a little more we do have a selection of stand mixers designed for higher budgets.

This mixer offers every possible feature for a great stand mixer. With a 1400W motor and six-speed settings, this mixer helps you reach the perfect consistency. The tilt-head design allows you to pause and add ingredients as you go, and compared to most mixers, the Aucma mixer is considerably less noisy.

If you’re considering buying the best budget mixer, the Aucma 1400W Stand Mixer is sure to meet all your cooking needs.