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The 7 Best Pizza Cutters: Best for arthritis

While you can cut a pizza with an ordinary knife, that’s hardly the best way to do it. You may have trouble slicing through the tough crust, and the toppings are likely to stick to the blade. You could end up with a ruined mess of uneven slices, torn and ragged crust, squished toppings, cheese and toppings dragged out of place, and areas that have no toppings at all. That’s not what you want, especially if you’re serving your pizza to guests!

The solution? Find a great pizza cutter that’s specifically designed for the job. It will glide through your crust easily, and the toppings and cheese won’t cling to it, so your pie will be left looking and tasting delicious. Below are some of the best pizza cutters on the market right now.


Top Pick

OXO Good Grips Pizza Wheel – 4 inch

The OXO Good Grips Pizza Wheel – 4 inch is a classic wheel cutter. It’s part of OXO’s Good Grips line, which won the Tylenol/Arthritis Foundation Design Award. It features a large BPA-free black rubber handle that fits comfortably in your palm and gives you a solid grip. The rubber is slip-resistant even when wet, and its soft cushion relieves the pressure of holding it—many customers with arthritis report that it works well for them. The only drawback is that some people may find such a hefty handle to be a little too large. The cutter has a sharp, beveled, stainless steel 4-inch blade that cuts cleanly through even thick deep-dish pizzas. The large blade and hefty construction provide more stability and control while cutting. There’s a die-cast zinc thumb guard to protect your fingers from the blade and give you a little extra leverage. It’s durable, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. Brand: OXO Model Number: 26681

Stuwon/Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter

There’s probably no faster or more efficient way to slice up a pizza than with a rocker, which can cut cleanly through the entire diameter of the pie with one smooth rocking motion. With just four cuts, you’ll have the standard eight slices of pizza. The Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter is widely considered one of the best such cutters. What’s more, you can use it to slice cakes and brownies, chop veggies, and mince herbs. This is another pizza cutter that people with arthritis report being able to handle without problems. The rolled handle at the top is large and easy to grip, and the sharpness of the cutter makes slicing your pie a snap. Holding it with two hands gives more leverage and control. This rocker is made of a single, solid piece of commercial-grade 18/0 stainless steel, so it’s super-sharp and durable. It’s dishwasher safe and easy to clean, with no crevices for food and germs to hide in. At 34.9cm (13.75in), it’s large enough to cut through a fair-sized pizza in one motion. It comes with a durable plastic sheath to protect the blade while in storage. Brand: Stuwon Model Number: FBA_COMINHKG080476

Urban Trend Halo Pizza Wheel

Here’s a new concept in pizza wheels – a direct-grip model with a halo. It has a ring for two-handed use, which is a bit reminiscent of Saturn’s rings. You can use it with one hand if you prefer, just like any other direct-grip model. However, it was really designed to be used with both hands holding the ring. This two-handed operation allows you to leverage your body weight to cut through thick crusts with ease. This pizza cutter measures 16.5cm (6.5in), large enough to cut through thick pizzas. The blade is stainless steel and very sharp. The cover is food safe plastic that’s comfortable to hold and keeps your hands well away from the blade. There’s a knob that releases the blade for cleaning, and a button that allows the handle to fold flat for compact storage. All parts are top-rack dishwasher safe. The cutter is very durable and comes with a 5-year guarantee. Reviewers note that, while disassembling this cutter for cleaning is very easy, you do have to get the blade lined up properly in order to get it back into its cover. Brand: Urban Trend Model Number: UTU1KG0021

Winco Winware Pizza Cutter

Here’s a budget-friendly pizza cutter that still gives you good quality despite its low price. Many reviewers express surprise at how well it performs in spite of being so inexpensive. Some even say it does better than more expensive cutters from upscale companies. And you get to double the value because this is a 2-pack. You’ll have a spare on hand in case one gets misplaced. This is a traditional wheel model with a handle. It has a sharp 10.16cm (4in) stainless steel blade, large enough to cut thick pies. The handle is tough plastic, comfortable, with a guard to keep your fingers safe. It’s sturdy, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. Brand: Winco Model Number: PPC-4

Kitchendao Pizza Cutter Wheel With Protective Blade Cover

The Kitchendao Pizza Cutter Wheel is a standard direct-grip pizza cutter that’s easy on the budget but still provides good performance. One of this cutter’s nice features is that it has an attached blade guard for storage. When you’re ready to use it, you swing the guard around inside the handle instead of setting it aside. That way you don’t lose it, and it’s always right there when you’re ready to use it. This cutter has a large food grade 430 stainless steel wheel that’s sharp and can cut through thick pizzas. The blade is encased in a soft-touch handle that’s easy and comfortable to grip. Since your palm is right over the wheel, you can leverage your weight to bear down on it, making  slicing your pie easier. The cutter can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning, although some reviewers do mention that it can be a bit tricky to put back together. Every part is dishwasher safe. The cutter comes with a lifetime 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Brand: Kitchendao Model Number: KD00171R

Progressive International PL8 Artisan Pizza Wheel

If you’re willing to spend a little more for a fancier pizza cutter, you might consider the Progressive International PL8 Artisan Pizza Wheel. It’s a classic pizza cutter with a handle and has some extra features to make it more functional. First, there’s the handle, which is angled slightly downward to provide more leverage and control. Then there’s the detachable blade cover, which keeps the cutter safe during storage. Finally, there’s even an integrated hook on the hub, which you can use to pull out a hot oven rack. Reviewers report that this pizza wheel is sturdy, durable, and cuts really well. It has a sharp 18/10 stainless steel blade, large enough to handle deep pies. The frame is made of cast zinc, with a large handle that’s coated with rubber, providing a solid, comfortable grip. There’s a thumb guard to keep your fingers safe while cutting. This pizza wheel is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Brand: Progressive International Model Number: Three listed — PL8-1350, 8541978945, 614110-PL8-1350

Novelty Pick

Tour de Pizza Cutter

Are you looking for an unusual but practical gift for the cyclist on your list, or just something to talk about at your next pizza party? Take a look at the Tour de Pizza Cutter. Inspired by the Tour de France, it’s a 1/10 scale model of a real-life road bike, complete with handlebars and a seat. It even comes in a gift box that’s designed to look like a pizza delivery box. For all its cuteness, this pizza cutter really does slice pizzas.

Both wheels serve as dual cutting blades and are made of sharp stainless steel with a nonstick coating for effortless cutting and easy cleaning. The cutter is top-rack dishwasher safe. It comes with a display stand and a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: SOHO Kitchen

Pizza Cutter Buying Guide

Pizza being cut with a pizza cutter

Types of Pizza Cutters

There are two main types of pizza cutters on the market today: wheels and rockers.

  • Wheel cutters are what you’ll most often see in homes. This type has a circular rotary blade which you roll through the pizza. Wheel cutters are compact, making them a good choice if you plan to use them exclusively for slicing pizza. Some people do use them for cutting other things, such as sandwiches and pies.
  • Traditional, or classic, pizza cutters have the wheel mounted at the end of a long handle, away from your hand. This type should have a thumb guard between the handle and the blade to protect your fingers.
  • Direct-grip models are becoming more popular. These have the blade partially enclosed inside a sheath that you hold directly in your hand. They give you more leverage because you can use your body weight to bear down on them. Some people may find them a little harder to use because the hand gets in the way and blocks their view while cutting.
  • Rocker, or mezzaluna (Italian for “half-moon”) pizza cutters are more common in commercial kitchens. This type is a long, curved blade, with a cover at the top for you to hold on to, either directly or via two handles at either end. They’re typically about 14 inches (36 centimeters) or larger, enough to cut through an entire pizza with a single rocking motion. They’re very versatile because they can be used to slice, chop, and mince other foods. Their big drawback is their size since they require a lot of drawer space to store. For this reason, you might not want one of these unless you plan to use it for more than just slicing pizza.

These aren’t the only types of pizza cutters available. There are also scissor-type cutters, which look like scissors with bent handles, shaped so that they can slide along under the pie without you getting your hand into the toppings. And there are pie-server cutters, which come with a serving spatula. These aren’t as common and aren’t included in this review.

Features to Look For


A top-notch pizza cutter is extremely sharp, so you want to minimize the risk of accidentally slicing your finger open. It’s important to look for one that’s stable and keeps your fingers away from the blade. You should also be able to cut through your pie without too much force no matter how deep it is, especially if you have hand and joint problems. Look for a cutter that’s sharp and easy for you to hold and control. A detachable guard to cover the blade while the cutter is in storage is a definite plus.

Materials, Construction, and Durability

Most of the best pizza cutters have high-quality stainless steel blades that won’t rust, can withstand corrosive dishwasher detergents, and will last for years. Other materials used include other metals, plastic, wood, and rubber, which are also durable. Construction should be clean and simple, without a lot of moving parts that can break. The handles should be comfortable and provide a stable, non-slip grip. Ideally, you also want a blade that’s large enough to slice through your thickest pie without dragging through the toppings.

Ease of Care

You want a pizza cutter that’s easy to clean, with few crevices for food (and germs) to hide in. A direct-grip cutter should be designed so you can completely disassemble it to get at the blade and inside the cover. As with all cutlery, it’s best to wash your pizza cutter by hand. Nevertheless, a good pizza cutter should be dishwasher safe.