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How Many Slices of Bread in a Loaf

On average 20-25 pieces per loaf, but you’ll find that the number of slices in a loaf will depend on several factors. We cook with different kinds of bread and use it for many purposes, and the purpose often determines how we slice a loaf.

Types of Bread

There are many kinds of bread, so how many slices in a loaf will vary. For the number of cuts, you just need to make sure that you have enough cuts for the meal you want to cook, and second, each piece is thick or thin enough for that meal. 

Keep in mind that the number of slices will also vary based on how large a loaf you have.  Each store or bakery might sell a slightly larger or smaller loaf, and this size will change the number of possible slices. The ingredients inside of a loaf might also impact how small or big a slice can be. 

White Bread

According to the USDA, there are three classifications of white bread as a commercial item. Each of these types has a different number for how many slices in a loaf. 

The three types are thin, regular, and thick (or Texas toast). A loaf of white bread for any of these three categories will have 20-24 slices of bread, including the end pieces. Usually, thicker cut Texas toast will contain 16-18 slices because of their size. 

French Baguette 

One other kind of bread you might buy at the store often is the French Baguette. The store may or may not slice a baguette for you, so how many slices in a loaf depends on you. The Food Network says that a diagonal slice of French Baguette should have a ¼ inch thickness. When you cut the bread this way, you should get 20-25 pieces per loaf. 

Other Kinds of Bread 

A loaf of sourdough bread weighing 36 g will give you at least 24 slices. Loaves of rye bread should give you around  24 cuts. For wholemeal bread, you can get about 9-10 slices. 


The most significant factor determining how many slices in a loaf of bread is how thick the slices of bread are. Thickness affects how well your bread will do its intended purpose in your dish. 

For example, sliced bread is revolutionary because each loaf has slices that are ideal for making sandwiches. Texas toast has thicker cut slices that are great for meals like french toast. You will likely want thin-cut slices for your morning toast rather than the regular sliced or Texas toast type. 

You can see that thickness is a factor in how the bread pairs with your other food. You must select the appropriate kind because bread can get heavy during a meal. 

Final Thoughts 

The number of slices in a loaf of bread depends on bread type, slice thickness, and loaf size. Generally speaking, there is no standard number for every loaf of bread, but there are ideal amounts you want for your money and your dish. It is essential to select the proper loaf for the dish you intend to make.